[syslinux] Isolinux menu help

mikedc2 mikedc2 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 24 23:34:51 PST 2005

I'm trying to get the menu working with ISOLINUX. So far any time I use a memory test such as ram stress test or memtest86 it reboots or locks up.. If any one could point me in the right place to get some info on how to set up the menu It would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm using the "simple menu" that is included with the SYSLINUX package. I've used ISOLINUX for awhile now but I'm running out of space with a stander boot message.txt

DEFAULT menu.c32



# Ram Stess Test

label Ram Stress Test

    kernel memdisk

    append initrd=rst.img


# Memtest 86

label Memtest86 v3.0

    kernel /memtest/memtest


# Docmem

label Docmem

    kernel memdisk

    append initrd=docmem.img

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