[syslinux] Multi-NIC network boot floppy+cd+hd+com with PXE and NBI support: does interest?

Paolo Salvan paolo.salvan at xvision.it
Wed Jan 26 04:12:46 PST 2005


I'm preparing what should be a general "network boot" solution for the 
ones that needs to do network boot on PC without BIOS support / ROM chips.

It supports both PXE (like pxelinux.0) and NBI images.

I've prepared a precompiled multi-driver image that can autodetect and 
handle nearly 30 PCI and ISA NICs.

My "remote boot kit" contains the same image in 4 version:
- floppy
- CD
- HD
- DOS .COM executable

I'll publicly relase it on thinstation.sf.net website after Etherboot 
5.4.0 production release, but even if built with the 5.3.12 developemnt 
version of Etherboot, it seems pretty usable and useful.

At the moment, who is interested can send me a mail (please DON'T write 
in the mailing list), I'll send the package to him by mail (380Kb); 
later, a short report of your tests would be appreciated...



Paolo Salvan
X v i s i o n
Via Vigonovese 123A
35127 - Padova - Italy
+39 049 8709427 tel
+39 049 8709426 fax

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