[syslinux] Multi-NIC network boot floppy+cd+hd+com with PXE and NBI support: does interest?

Paolo Salvan paolo.salvan at xvision.it
Wed Jan 26 23:37:28 PST 2005


H. Peter Anvin ha scritto:
>> I'm preparing what should be a general "network boot" solution for the 
>> ones that needs to do network boot on PC without BIOS support / ROM 
>> chips.
>> It supports both PXE (like pxelinux.0) and NBI images.
> That would be very cool indeed.  Once you feel it's tested it would be 
> great to post it publically; I'd like to put a link to it on the 
> syslinux webpages.

Ok..... after some testing, I'll be glad to publish it and to be
referenced from syslinux webpage!
I'll let you know ASAP....bye!

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