[syslinux] About create usb-boot freedos with syslinux.

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Thu Jan 27 12:09:29 PST 2005

Please try getting Syslinux to run first on your USB drive, and later on adding FreeDOS. Are you sure all Syslinux/FreeDOS files are in the root of your USB drive? I guess so, from my limited amount of Linux knowledge.

I think HPA included a script for installing Syslinux to USB drives in the Syslinux package, which is currently at 3.07 or so.

Anyway, it looks like a problem with loading Syslinux, or does Syslinux itself work OK but FreeDOS bootsector fails?
a bit more info please.
www.fdos.org/kernel contains latest interim builds from CVS.


1 mkdosfs /dev/sda1 (this is my usb card)
2 syslinux /dev/sda12
3 mount /dev/sda1 /tmpusb -t msdos
4 dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/dos.bss bs=512 count=1

6 mount /dev/fd0 /tmpfd -t msdos
8 cd /tmpusb
9 edit syslinux.cfg:
   default freedos
   prompt 1
   timeout 30
   label freedos
   kernel dos.bss

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