[syslinux] Re: Multi-NIC network boot floppy+cd+hd+com with PXE and NBI support

Mason Schmitt sysadmin at sunwave.net
Thu Jan 27 13:51:59 PST 2005

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Sorry for posting this to the list, but Paolo Salvan's mailbox is full
and keeps rejecting my email to him.  This may be of interest to the
list anyway, so I don't feel too bad... :P


I have just taken a look through the readme and saw that you decided to
exclude the tg3 driver.  Given that some of the most common servers in
production (Dell and IBM) have the broadcom chipset on the motherboard
for the builtin NICs, it would be best if you included the tg3 driver in
your images.

As well, in the readme that describes how to build the images yourself,
you need to mention that you need to install syslinux and copy the
isolinux.bin file to the utils directory of etherboot.

I built a new cd iso image according to your directions with the
exception of enabling the tg3 driver and tried it out.  I stuck the cd
in a Dell 1750 with 4 network cards (two broadcom and two intel e1000)
and booted the box.

It didn't work.

The following message came up:

ISOLIMUX 3.07 2005-01-12 Copyright (C) 1994-2005 H. Peter Anvin
Etherboot ISO boot image generated by geniso
Loading etherbootnet.zli.....Ready.

At this point my floppy drive light turns on (no floppy in there) and
stays on - as far as I can tell, without setting up a sniffer, nothing
more happens - no bootp query, no tftp download attempt.

Any idea what is happening?

Again, thanks for undertaking this little project, once I get it
working, this is going to be a great addition to my automated build system.

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