FW: [syslinux] How to delay before mounting root filesystem

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Wed Jan 26 08:24:12 PST 2005

I've attached a directory listing of my initrd in RUNT, as well as the
very simple linuxrc.  Hope this helps:


Kharisma Esguerra wrote:
> yup runned it. probably something wrong with my initrd filesystem. can
> you send me a directory listing of your initrd? and probably a sample
> linuxrc.
> if worse comes to worse, i'll probably load my usb and scsi modules in the
> initrd.
> i'm probably doing it all wrong. i'm trying to imitate the slackware10usb
> way of booting up. every driver built in the kernel, patch on the mounting
> root filesystem, and no initrd in the lilo.conf. somebody told me kernel
> must
> have been rdev-ed but i don't think that's necessary if you're using lilo
> and
> not using a ramdisk.
> somebody help me. any samples?
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> This is the whole reason RUNT Linux exists.  TO be able to boot from USB
> devices.  You have the right idea.  You need an initial ramdisk to
> sleep, or you need the kernel to be patched to allow time for the USB
> device to be initialized.  I haven't had consistent results with the
> kernel patches, so RUNT uses an initial ramdisk.  Take a look at the
> RUNT website: http://ncsu.edu/project/runt and try making an initrd like
> is in RUNT.  I've used busybox with LASH and sleep compiled in.  I also
> load modules in the ramdisk, but you can do without that if it's
> compiled into the kernel.
> Obvious question... Did you run lilo after changing lilo.conf?
> Joel
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