[syslinux] Configuration guide for Syslinux/PXElinux neede.

G. Georgiev ggeorgiev at navig.ca
Thu Jan 27 08:50:42 PST 2005

	Hello guys,

	Sorry to make noise in the group, but I had really hard time finding how to 
configure PXELinux to my requirements, despite reading everything available 
on syslinux.zytor.com and combing google for config examples for your beast. 
Also, did browse the source code, but good luck to understand what is there 
in half a day...

	The boot loader is really nice, but may please someone make a list of all 
config options, something similar as for Lilo, (man lilo.conf) and place it 
in a 'config' section on the web site - I am sure everyone will appreciate 
	G. Georgiev

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