[syslinux] when to rerun syslinux

Andreas Schweitzer andy at bootblock.de
Fri Jan 28 04:56:18 PST 2005


I looked through the documentation (and searching the archives
was a bit hard), but I'm still not sure. Under what circumstances
do I need to rerun the installer, e.g.
  syslinux /dev/sda1
for installation of syslinux on a USB drive.

If I copy and/or move ldlinux.sys ? I would guess, yes.

If I copy and/or move syslinux.cfg ? Not sure.

If I edit syslinux.cfg ? Probably not.
 (even if I extend it so much that it covers
  several entries in the FAT ? and what if the editor
  creates a new instance of the file and deletes the old
  one ?)

Thanks for any help

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