[syslinux] Configuration guide for Syslinux/PXElinux neede.

G. Georgiev ggeorgiev at navig.ca
Fri Jan 28 14:37:56 PST 2005

	Thanks for the reply!

	There are the few points I had no answer:
	- how do you tell where is the initrd image? - I found at last that 
pxelinux.0 reads it from the kernel 'append' line, what is far to be obvious. 
	- how do I tell it to get kernel IP configuration from the initial dhcp 
configuration, i.e. equivalent to 'ip=rom' with mknbi-linux?
	- some equivalent to 'vga=extended' on lilo?
	- boot menus - nice feature, but how to configure that? few examples?
	- and everything else of how to use this really nice loader.

	I managed for now to more or less install it and may wait a bit for config 
options/examples. so no need to lose time to reply this letter, but everyone 
will profit if you put some config guide on web.


On January 28, 2005 03:31 pm, you wrote:
> > 	Sorry to make noise in the group, but I had really hard time finding how
> > to configure PXELinux to my requirements, despite reading everything
> > available on syslinux.zytor.com and combing google for config examples
> > for your beast. Also, did browse the source code, but good luck to
> > understand what is there in half a day...
> >
> > 	The boot loader is really nice, but may please someone make a list of
> > all config options, something similar as for Lilo, (man lilo.conf) and
> > place it in a 'config' section on the web site - I am sure everyone will
> > appreciate this.
> Take a look at syslinux.doc and pxelinux.doc.
> What exactly is it that you are not able to do?
> But you are right: a website with all PXELinux options would be great. I
>    will create one and send it to hpa.
> Cheers
> Alex

	G. Georgiev

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