[syslinux] Can this work?

Alexander Heinz mailsanmich at gmx.li
Sun Jan 30 17:30:28 PST 2005

>>You need:
>>- DHCP server
>>- TFTP server
>>- pxelinux.0
>>- menu.c32 for the menu
>>- memdisk for booting floppy images
>>- chain.c32 for booting local devices
>>- sbm.cbt (comboot version of Smart Boot Manager) for booting from a

> Yes, I have a DHCP server, a TFTP server, and I'm assuming the rest
> are downloadable from the internet. All my systems have ATAPI-CDROM
> drives, definatly. I'm spent an age looking on the net for a HOWTO
> document, but I have been unsuccesful. Can you help point me in the
> right direction?

All you need is the latest syslinux package to get started (pxelinux.0, 
menu.c32, memdisk and chain.c32 are included). Get familiar with the 
syslinux.cfg syntax. Read the files syslinux.doc, pxelinux.doc and 
Here are a few expamples:

     MENU LABEL Floppy A:
     KERNEL chain.c32
     append fd0
     MENU LABEL MBR of the 1st hard disk
     KERNEL chain.c32
     append hd0
LABEL flpimg
     MENU LABEL dos floppy image
     KERNEL memdisk
     append initrd=dosfloppy.ima
LABEL netlinux
     MENU LABEL load Linux from network
     KERNEL vmlinuz
     APPEND ramdisk_blocksize=4096 initrd=initrd root=/dev/rd/0 vga=791

get http://fdos.org/bootdisks/autogen/btmgr-3.7-1.cbt.zip and extract 
sbm.cbt for booting from an ATAPI-CD-ROM


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