[syslinux] Make PXElinux beep

Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at ant.uni-bremen.de
Fri Jun 10 05:20:31 PDT 2005

Hi all

We are using some old SUN Monitors which won't display anything until 
the OS is up and running, supplying the correct sync.
To let users know, when to select from the (unvisible, but known) menu, 
i would like to output a beep when pxelinux is waiting for input.

Googling shows that this question has been raised several times and the 
proposed solution was to insert a CTRL/G in the DISPLAY file. But this 
does not seem to work, i only see a circular dot, no beep sounds.
I am using PXElinux 3.08. Am i missing smoething?

Thanks for any help,

Heinrich Rebehn

University of Bremen
Physics / Electrical and Electronics Engineering
- Department of Telecommunications -

Phone : +49/421/218-4664
Fax   :            -3341

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