[syslinux] Problem: Kernel hung when booting pxelinux

Rodrigo Embeita rembeita at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 07:53:46 PDT 2005

Hi im new in the list and im recently using the PXE.
My problem is when i boot with the network card in PXE mode, it send the 
kernel and the rootfs, but when is starting hungs in "Now booting the 
kernel" message.
The kernel works in a floppy disk but when im using PXE hungs in that part.
Can anyone give me any clue of this error or maybe can tell me how to put in 
a debugging mode. 
The problem only ocurrs with a IBM GL300 pentium 2. With a pentium 1 works 
and with other computers work too.

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