[syslinux] 3.07 on VMware 4.5.2-8848

Liviu Ionescu ilgb at livius.net
Thu May 5 05:20:56 PDT 2005

pxelinux fails on vmware due to a problem in DO_IDLE/check_for_arp. 

the behaviour is the following: 

after the boot prompt is displayed the sistem seems frozen, but after a very long time echo is displayed or timeout expires. adding various debug prints in ui.inc showed that sometimes DO_IDLE takes a lot to complete; commenting out the call to pxe in check_for_arp avoids the problem (but probably has other consequences at the UDP level). 

the problem might be in 
- the parameters sent to pxenv,
- the vmware bios pxe code 
- or even in the virtual machine itself


Liviu Ionescu

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