[syslinux] SYSLINUX: Cannot read ldlinux.sys

Max Liebkies aereon at tiscali.de
Sat May 7 05:37:01 PDT 2005

My question is the following:

I need to "syslinux" a harddisk(partition-type is FAT16, size is about 
100mb). I created a Dos-Bootdisk with WindowsXP and removed everything 
except command.com, io.sys and msdos.sys. Then I copied syslinux.com 
(and even ldlinux.sys) to the disk but nothing seems to help, I always 
get the "SYSLINUX: Cannot read ldlinux.sys"-error. Should I use 
something like DR-DOS or FreeDOS?

Any hints, tricks or guides on how to fix this error?

Thanks in advance...

Kind regards, Max.

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