[syslinux] Shutdown from PXELinux

Quinn plattel at tiscali.dk
Mon May 16 02:09:25 PDT 2005

Check out grub - it has built-in power management support - you could 
use grub menu system to
automatically execute an item that shuts down the computer (internal 
function of grub).

Alternatively, find a dos program that does it for you and boot a floppy 
disk image via memdisk
and execute the dos program.


Florin Izvoranu wrote:

>Please excuse my english ...
>Does somebody have a .c32 , .cbt or .exe program to shutdown an
> ACPI  and/or APM BIOS PC from PXELinux or DOS ?
>Or could be shutdown added as an option to PXELinux ?
>School environment, remote administration.
>On night time the electrical power is turned off in labs and PC loose
>WakeOnLan(WOL)  and AlertStandardFormat(ASF) capabilities.
>In the morning when the power is on again PC have no  WOL  and ASF 
>Now I do something like this: 
>It is available from BIOS  the option to start computer on AC power restore .
>PXELinux loads a kernel image for APM or another one for ACPI computers which 
>shutdown the PC s , this action restores WOL  and ASF capabilities.
>I have 15 labs with 10 to 22 PC , one switch(cheap,noname) per lab connects 
>all PC's to a central switch where tftpd and dhcp server is also connected.
>Frequently 1 -5 random PCs from  labs fail to complete the above sequence of 
>actions at diferrent steps and requires on site presence.
>All PC's load without a hitch pxelinux.0 and pxelinux.cfg/ipaddress 
>so I want to try a shorter action path, with shortest being an option to 
>shutdown , added to PXELinux ,  or little longer with a .c32 or .cbt  program 
>or memdisc + dos + .exe program.
>Best regards.
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