[syslinux] Isolinux freezes loading configuration file.

Puckett, Richard H. richard.puckett at ngc.com
Wed May 18 11:45:35 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I've got a simple isolinux cd loading a floppy image via memdisk, that
boots reliably on 14 of 15 platforms, but intermittently hangs on one
and, unfortunately, I can't substitute the platform.  The behavior is
weird.  If I cold boot the system with the CD already in the drive, it
*usually* boots to completion.  Warm boots are hit-or-miss.  If there's
any drive door action during power-up, the boot always hangs as shown
below.  I've included the output of isolinux-debug below.

Obviously, I suspect that the platform's bent, but I'm stuck with it.
Any insights as to a workaround would be great.


- Rick

== Here's the platform:

	Gateway E4300		(latest BIOS, v2525)	(PCIe
	LITE-ON DVDRW SO	(latest firmware)
	(I've tried using a different CD drive, without better success)

== Here's the output of the debug version of isolinux:

	ISOLINUX 3.07 2005-01-12 ...
	isolinux: Starting up, DL = 90
	isolinux: Loaded spec packet OK, drive = 90
	isolinux: Loading main image from LBA = 0000001C
	isolinux: Sectors to load = 0005
	isolinux: Loaded boot image, verifying ...
	isolinux: Main image read, jumping to main code ...
	isolinux: Root directory at LBA = 00000018
	isolinux: Isolinux directory at LBA = 00000019
	isolinux: Aboun to load config file ...
	Isolinux: Configuration file opened ...

== Here's the output of the non-debug version of isolinux:

	ISOLINUX 3.07 2005-01-12 ...

== Here's the isolinux.cfg file (contains a blank line at top and bottom
of file):

	DEFAULT	memdisk
	APPEND	initrd=Gwis2140.gz floppy c=80 h=2 s=36

== Here's the mkisofs command-line:

		-o Gwis2140.iso -V "GWIS2140" 	-b ISOLINUX/ISOLINUX.BIN

		-c ISOLINUX/BOOT.CAT -boot-info-table -boot-load-size 4
		-full-iso9660-filenames -no-emul-boot -quiet Cdrom

== End.

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