[syslinux] can pxe localboot report failure to bios

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Thu May 19 09:34:02 PDT 2005



     On PXELINUX, specifying "LOCALBOOT 0" instead of a "KERNEL" option means 
invoking this particular label will cause a local disk boot instead of booting a 

     The argument 0 means perform a normal boot. The argument 4 will perform a 
local boot with the Universal Network Driver Interface (UNDI) driver still 
resident in memory. Finally, the argument 5 will perform a local boot with the 
entire PXE stack, including the UNDI driver, still resident in memory. All other 
values are undefined. If you don't know what the UNDI or PXE stacks are, don't 
worry -- you don't want them, just specify 0.

     On ISOLINUX, the "type" specifies the local drive number to boot from; 0x00 
is the primary floppy drive and 0x80 is the primary hard drive. The special value 
-1 causes ISOLINUX to report failure to the BIOS, which, on recent BIOSes, should 
mean that the next boot device in the boot sequence should be activated.

I think I want the bios to figure out what to boot next, as if pxe had not 
happened.  What I get from the docs is when using pxelinux, I have to specify what 
device to boot.

Carl Karsten

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