[syslinux] SYSLINUX 3.08 released

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu May 19 13:49:09 PDT 2005

Hello everyone,

I have pushed out SYSLINUX 3.08.  It's identical in all but version 
number to 3.08-pre11.  Sorry for everything that probably should have 
been done that didn't make it, but I simply haven't had time :( :( :(

However, given several bugs fixed in 3.08, this seemed important...

Changes in 3.08:
         * SYSLINUX: Fix performance regression (-s mode always
         * Add API function for idle loop.
         * libutil: Add do_idle() function for idle loop, make
           get_key() use it.
         * libutil: Add SHA-1 and base64 functions.
         * Simple menu system: add password support.
         * EXTLINUX: Sparse files now handled correctly.
         * EXTLINUX: Large directories now handled correctly.
         * ALL: At the prompt, Ctrl-X now forces text mode.
         * Fix configuration file parsing error, that could cause
         * Rewritten advanced menuing system from Murali Ganapathy.
         * MEMDISK: New "bigraw" mode to work around certain broken
           BIOS flash programs.
         * COM32 module to boot Multiboot systems, including Xen.  See
         * Max command line changed to 1024 characters.  Note that the
           kernel proper still can only handle 255 characters without
           patching, and COM16 binaries can only handle 125 characters.

Title:          syslinux
Version:        3.08
Entered-date:   2005-05-19

Description:    SYSLINUX is a collection of boot loaders for the Linux
                 operating system which operates off Linux ext2/3
                 filesystems, MS-DOS FAT filesystems, network servers
                 using PXE firmware, or from CD-ROMs.  The FAT
                 filesystem version can be installed from DOS, NT, or

                 It includes a sophisticated API for add-on "COM32"
                 modules, including a significant subset of the
                 standard C library.

                 It also includes MEMDISK, a tool to boot legacy
                 operating systems from nontraditional media like PXE
                 or CD-ROM.

Keywords:       syslinux pxelinux isolinux extlinux msdos boot loader
                 floppy install network ext2 ext3 pxe iso9660 cdfs
                 memdisk com32
Author:         hpa at zytor.com (H. Peter Anvin)
Maintained-by:  hpa at zytor.com (H. Peter Anvin)
Primary-site:   ftp.kernel.org /pub/linux/utils/boot/syslinux
                 1443364 syslinux-3.08.tar.gz
                 1642912 syslinux-3.08.zip
Alternate-site: ibiblio.org /pub/Linux/system/boot/loaders
Platforms:      DOS or Linux to install.  Linux, perl and nasm 0.98.38 or
                 later required to build from source.
Copying-policy: GPL

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