[syslinux] Boot DOS through Pxelinux

Joel C traderjoes12 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 13:40:50 PDT 2005

Hello list,
 My set up is almost complete in booting DOS through PXELinux, but I need to
create a DOS boot image from (2 )DOS floppies. I've search the archives and
but didn't find any relavant info...
 My current set up now works with the standard setup (with one DOS floppy):
 kernel: memdisk
append: initrd=floppy.img ramdisk=10000
 My goal to is create a floppy.img from 2 DOS floppies with the dd command
or anything
that works. I've tried pretty much everything that I can think of, but still
not success.
 Here's a list that I tried:
 mkdiskimage floppy.img
mkdossfs floppy.img
mcopy a: /mnt/img
syslinux dos.img
 If anyone can provide any suggestion/help, I'd really appreciate.

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