[syslinux] Boot DOS through Pxelinux

Samuel Clements sclements at linkline.com
Wed Oct 5 09:50:14 PDT 2005

Joel C wrote:
> Hello list,
>  My set up is almost complete in booting DOS through PXELinux, but I need to
> create a DOS boot image from (2 )DOS floppies. I've search the archives and
> google
> but didn't find any relavant info...
>  My current set up now works with the standard setup (with one DOS floppy):
>  kernel: memdisk
> append: initrd=floppy.img ramdisk=10000
>  My goal to is create a floppy.img from 2 DOS floppies with the dd command
> or anything
> that works. I've tried pretty much everything that I can think of, but still
> not success.
>  Here's a list that I tried:
>  mkdiskimage floppy.img
> mkdossfs floppy.img
> mcopy a: /mnt/img
> syslinux dos.img

I'm thinking you want to use mtools to create a 2.88M image - then copy 
the boot files to it, then copy the contents of your two floppies to it, 
to create one large 2.88M boot image - then just use memdisk to load 
that like:

label TP2104 BIOS
	kernel memdisk
	append initrd=TP2104.img

Check here for mtools info: http://mtools.linux.lu/mtools.html

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