[syslinux] Boot DOS through Pxelinux

Joel C traderjoes12 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 14:34:10 PDT 2005

Thanks, Sam!!! The MKNBI-DOS did the job! It works great
and am able to create a 2.88MB DOS boot image.

 On 10/5/05, Samuel Clements <sclements at linkline.com> wrote:
> Joel C wrote:
> > Thanks for your help. I decided to try a different approach by
> installing
> > another HDD, created a 3MB partition and installed DOS from a 2-floppy
> > set. Then I created a DOS image by:
> Scope out the MKNBI-DOS section of
> http://etherboot.sourceforge.net/doc/html/mknbi.html
> it has step by step directions on how to do what you want to do by using
> mtools. Just don't read the last three lines as they're etherboot
> specific. The resulting floppyimage file will be a block image usable by
> pxelinux.
> -Sam
> PS - try to bottom post... ;-)

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