[syslinux] booting FreeBSD

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Thu Oct 27 09:38:48 PDT 2005

It can be done, the problem with BSD is that I have been unable to find pxe 
images and all the howto's out their talk about building this extravagant 
image with NFS/Rsync and whatever else.  My images give me the ability to 
boot so that I can install the system via ftp/http not sure if that's what 
your looking for or not?  With FreeBSD 4.x releases theirs a image called 
boot.flp.  You can boot this using memdisk and initrd=boot.flp

With the 5.x tree the boot.flp image for whatever reason was shrunk from the 
2.88 size to 1.4 and now requires a additional disk.  They have a bootonly 
iso, I was able to convert this ISO so that I could boot it with memdisk. 
If you want the image for 5.4 let me know, it's about 25 MB and it could 
actually be a lot smaller I just haven't shrunk it yet.

Best Regards,

Shaun Reitan

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> Hi
> just a little question. Can I boot FreeBSD over network with pxelinux ?
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