[syslinux] ldap/kerberos auth for pxelinux-menu? => BIS

Pierre Neyron pierre.neyron at imag.fr
Wed Apr 5 10:52:14 PDT 2006

Sorry I am not sure it is totally relevant here, but may the BIS (Boot
Integrity Services) infrastructure help here ?

And does someone already succeed in using BIS in the community ?


H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Timo Aaltonen wrote:
>>     Hi
>>   Has anyone thought how to make the pxelinux-menu use ldap or
>> kerberos for authentication? It would be cool because then it wouldn't
>> be necessary to maintain a separate passwd-file for netboot..
> Even unmodified RADIUS would be hard, since PXE only provides a UDP
> stack; it doesn't provide even a raw IP stack so one can implement TCP
> natively.
> A UDP authentication daemon might be possible, though.
>     -hpa
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