[syslinux] Chain loading to another PXE server?

Mike Dorman mike.dorman at data393.com
Mon Apr 24 15:02:05 PDT 2006

Is it at all possible to chain load to another PXE server using

I'm wondering because we are getting ready to roll out a new dedicated
server provisioning system at the datacenter where I work.  In the past
we've used pxelinux to network boot the Linux installations (e.g.
anaconda.)  We also use it to network boot to rescue mode, memtest86,

But we are moving to a new product called Snap Deploy from Acronis.
It's an imaging tool similar to Ghost which will allow us to provision
servers by applying an image to them, rather than having to wait for
Linux or Windows to install and then manually doing all the

The drawback is that it only works with its own (proprietary) PXE
server.  But we still want to keep our pxelinux system around for
booting resuce mode, etc.

What I'd like to do is have one boot option in pxelinux be "Boot to
Acronis Snap Deploy" which would then direct the machine to the Snap
Deploy PXE server and boot with that one as normal.

But from what I've seen, there is no way to do this.  Is that correct,
or am I missing something somewhere?


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