[syslinux] tftp server with mysql backend

James_Martin at ao.uscourts.gov James_Martin at ao.uscourts.gov
Wed Apr 26 06:59:31 PDT 2006

This is exactly what I've been looking for, thanks..  Any reason why this 
patch wasn't folded into the release?

James S. Martin, RHCE
Administrative Office of the United States Courts
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syslinux-bounces at zytor.com wrote on 04/26/2006 05:20:58 AM:

> Hi,
> > James_Martin at ao.uscourts.gov wrote:
> > >Are there any open source efforts ( I haven't found any) that have a 
> > >server with a mysql backend?  I'd like an incoming pxelinux request 
> > >give the tftp server the mac address, and then it performs a query to 
> > >out which configuration file it should get.  Of course it would be 
> > >if some day tftp-hpa would integrate with libmysql..
> * Pierre Neyron <pierre.neyron at imag.fr> [2006-04-26 10:00]:
> > We are using such a mechanism in Computemode (www.computemode.org).
> > Some time ago, a patch was proposed against tftpd-hpa in this ML.
> > It provides a way to add in the remap mechanism a execution feature, 
> > which allows for instance to run in a chroot  busybox environement, 
> > command that is made available, say wget.
> > This wget calls a php script which interacts with a PostgresSQL 
> For the record the files (&deb packages) are available at:
>   http://www.computemode.org/dl/cmtftp-hpa/
> (patch)
>   http://www.computemode.org/dl/cmtftpd-hpa-buildchroot/
> (the chroot builder for our environment - you might have to do a bit of
> tuning though)
> The script bin/gen.sh is tuned for our needs but you may just replace it
> by any application handling your needs.
> The etc/remap files contains the rewriting rules:
> 8<---
> xe /PXEClient/pxelinux.cfg/01-* /bin/gen.sh
> --->8
> This means when a client requests something matching
> '/PXEClient/pxelinux.cfg/01-foobarwhatever' then the tftpd will call
> '/bin/gen.sh foobarwhatever'
> Now the script/application has to follow a few straightforward rules:
>  - get the matched part of the file path as a first argument
>  - output the result file on stdout
>  - do an 'exit 0' if no error occured
> Regards,
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