[syslinux] Re: Trying to figure out why my Cruzer Micro 512"MB" won't boot.

Josh Lehan jlehan at scyld.com
Thu Apr 27 12:28:49 PDT 2006

Nazo wrote:
> Hi.  I'm ressurecting an old thread just to inform anyone who may be
> interested that I have finally gotten my SanDisk Cruzer Micro to boot.
>  I'm not sure if it was more luck than anything else or what. 
> Firstly, I was using syslinux-3.20-pre6 (pre7 wouldn't run on the live
> disc I was using) and the mkdiskimage which came with it.  I just used
> the standard command "./mkdiskimage -4 /dev/sda 0 64 32" to make the
> image, then used "./unix/syslinux-nomtools /dev/sda4" to install. 
> Every now and then it doesn't boot unless I take the drive out and put
> it back in just after the system has rebooted, but, now it does work.

Good job.  I have a 1GB Cruzer Micro, that I eventually got to boot as 
best as possible using SYSLINUX.  My goal was to fit a bootable Knoppix 
CD image on it, with room to spare, so 1GB was the perfect size (a sale, 
at the time, made it affordable).

I don't have a BIOS that requires USB-ZIP in order to boot, so can't 
test this.  On computers I have access to, the BIOS is so new that it 
accepts everything (USB-HDD included), or it is so old that it doesn't 
recognize USB boot devices at all.

People have reported success with the HP USB key formatter.  I analyzed 
what it did, on this thread:


Lots of links posted there, over time.  In short, successful USB booting 
is still a black art, very hit-or-miss, kind of like how CD-ROM booting 
in the mid-1990's was.


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