[syslinux] Extract DMI info when running PXELINUX

Coe, Colin C. Colin.Coe at woodside.com.au
Wed Aug 9 16:28:27 PDT 2006

As my low-level coding is as good as none existant, writing a custom
com32 module is not an option.  Is there an example of switching config
files or do you mean have multiple labels, one for each BIOS update
type?  (i.e rompaq, flashbin, etc)


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Coe, Colin C. wrote:
> Hi all
> Is there any way to extract information (like what dmidecode provides)
> from within PXELINUX and, based on this information, selectively
> an action?
> What I'm trying to do is provide a method of flashing the BIOS of our
> Linux workstations but different workstations use different methods of
> updating the BIOSes.  For example,  the xw9300 uses 'rompaq' where the
> xw8400 uses 'flashbin'.  I have this working for the xw9300
> but I don't want to rely on people selecting the correct option, I
> rather parse 'Handle 0x0002' and choose automatically based on
> Name'.
> Google found this link for me
> (http://syslinux.zytor.com/archives/2005-March/004944.html).  The
> number is in the same block as the product name.
> Ideas?

Right now this requires a custom com32 module.  Parsing DMI, which 
requires accessing high memory, is most easily done from 32-bit code.

This is of course yet another reason I need to implement the "switch to 
other config file" option.


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