[syslinux] Extract DMI info when running PXELINUX

Erwan Velu erwan at seanodes.com
Fri Aug 11 16:07:57 PDT 2006

Coe, Colin C. wrote:

>Hi all
>Is there any way to extract information (like what dmidecode provides)
>from within PXELINUX and, based on this information, selectively perform
>an action?
After this mail, I was starting to look at the possibilities for 
reaching this.
I just did a small prototype. From a COM32 module, I'm able to parse the 
DMI table.
I can see the handlers and theirs values.

I'm now in a new process, making a clean implementation as this 
prototype works.
I wonder if it's better to provides some structures I'm feeding with the 
data I'm able to parse, or too provides a
function that returns some values.

I'm more for the first option, it will reduce the number of functions.

The kind of structures I was thinking was something like

    vendor = "",
    version = "",

Then I was thinking about the number of handles to get.
I think getting handles 0,1,2,3,6 is enough for the {pxe|sys}linux things.
What do you think about it ?

My prototype is based on some code from the kernel & the dmidecode project.

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