[syslinux] PXE Knife Pre-Release

J.H. warthog19 at eaglescrag.net
Thu Aug 17 14:58:40 PDT 2006

Afternoon everyone,

I thought I'd let you all know I've just finished up the first initial 
release of PXE Knife, a utility that makes use of Syslinux to provide a 
bunch of utilities that (mostly) come on floppy disks and are a true 
pain to try and deal with.  The goal is to try and give a normal 
sysadmin enough good tools within a pxe boot environment be able to deal 
with a number of everyday tasks and to make sure we are giving them the 
best tools to do specific jobs.

A secondary side goal is to use PXE Knife as a spring board and a 
complex living example of how to use menu.c32.

At this point we are seeking commentary, suggestions and criticism from 
those of you who use and know syslinux so we would appreciate anything 
you would like to let us know.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley

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