[syslinux] Making DOS/Win9x HD Image for memdisk

Lukas Tribus lukyt at gmx.net
Mon Aug 21 04:50:17 PDT 2006

Hi list!

I'm trying to make a hd image with can boot from memdisk over PXE.

So this is what i did:

- Created a new VM [VMware]
-Installed  DOS on a 100MB HD from a floppy
-bootet Linux over PXE [DamnSmallLinux]
-in terminal: dd if=/dev/hda of=dos.img

This image [dos.img] isn't working! Memdisk loads the Image and boots the 
HD! The error message is something like this:

I/O Device Error...
Replace disk and press any key

The interessting thing is that this message appears in German and the only 
german thing in this VM is the dos installation.

I tried to use raw or bigraw mode, but this doesn't solve the problem.

I tried also to create the image like this: dd if=/dev/hda of=dos.img bs=512 
count=[number of sectors]

thx in advance 

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