[syslinux] Passing parameters for the server's hostname/ip to the client?

Shaun Q shaun at qualheim.org
Mon Aug 21 12:53:14 PDT 2006

Hey everyone --

Is there a way to refer to the server with the tftpboot images so that 
when a client is booting diskless, it can mount an nfs directory to that 
tftp server?

That is to say that I have a tftp server on  The usr 
directory is set to be shared amoung the diskless clients via nfs.  In the 
root image, I have /etc/fstab set to something like:
blah /usr ...

But instead of that entry being in there, I want it to be 
more dynamic, something like:
tftpboot_passed_from_pxe:/usrnfs /usr

This is so that if the machine goes down, the engineers 
here can just boot up a secondary server with a copy of the first one and 
not have to edit anything, just boot the secondary server and reboot the 
diskless clients.

Does that make sense? :)


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