[syslinux] el torito

Andrew Smith asmith15 at learn.senecac.on.ca
Tue Aug 29 00:15:33 PDT 2006


i hope this is on topic here... i really need help and i'm guessing one 
of you will know the answer.

i am trying to write software (open source) to work with cd images.

the only thing i'm having trouble with is no-emulation 'el torito' boot 
records. i can't find any place where it sais how big the boot image is. 
bytes 8-0B of the initial/default entry say where to find it but how can 
i read it if i don't know the length?

so my question is, what am i missing? i am intimately familiar with 
ecma119 (iso9660), joliet, susp, rockridge and el torito, there must be 
another document i don't know about or possibly i'm missing something.

would you kindly point me into the right direction? i've been struggling 
with this for almost a year now and i'm almost desperate :(

thanks in advance


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