[syslinux] Booting UDF?

Gustavo Guillermo Pérez gustavo at compunauta.com
Fri Feb 3 10:24:51 PST 2006

El Viernes, 3 de Febrero de 2006 06:28, iSteve escribió:
> Yes, that is the thread I'm reffering to.
> However, no, when using mkudffs (which creates pure udf), I cannot mount
> it as iso9660 at all; I can only do that with mkisofs -udf (which
> creates mixed iso9660/udf). That is why I'm coming with broadly the same
> issue again.
UDF in a bootable disk, mmmm I guess is for experiments purposal, then I 
reccomend using a DVD+RW, with growisofs, when you write the 1st session 
bootable, you can add or change boot files just adding another session, files 
in new sessions are visibles by the bios, and are availables in boot time 
cause there is no real multisession, just the 1st growed.

I use to have a poket DVD 1.4GB working fine with syslinux, (isolinux.cfg can 
be changed many times and you can add more images).
Gustavo Guillermo Pérez
Compunauta uLinux

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