[syslinux] booting dell diagnostic hd image with isolinux

Harald_Jensas at Dell.com Harald_Jensas at Dell.com
Mon Feb 27 06:17:07 PST 2006


Can you try the "raw" and "bigraw" options for MEMDISK?

	kernel memdisk
	append raw initrd=dell5061.img


	kernel memdisk
	append bigraw initrd=dell5061.img

I do not have the details on the DRMK project. But I belive the problem might be that it at some point stop using BIOS interupts (int 13h and int 15h)to access drives. If that is the case I belive DRMK must have a MEMDISK driver for this to work.

I am thinking of adding the same diagnostic tool to a project of mine, and have planned to use MEMDISK as well. So please post any solution you find to this list.

Harald Jensås

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Dell has an ISO image (Dell version 5061A0, A5061) available here
which contains an ISO with an hard disk image and no-emulation boot.

I've estracted the hard disk image (size=2048000) and I'd like to boot it with isolinux.

I tried

	kernel memdisk
	append initrd=dell5061.img

The Dell/Dos os starts to boot and prints
	=========== Diagnostics ==============
	Loading PBR for descriptor 1...done
	Loading DRMK version 8.00 ...

	Can't load kernel file

Since the Dell disks partially boots the memdisk messages are cleared and I cannot paste them here.

Anyone have succesfully booted the Dell diag image?

giulioo at pobox.com

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