[syslinux] [update] PXE boot says server address is

Nicolas Courtel courtel at cena.fr
Tue Jul 4 05:53:48 PDT 2006

>I have set up 2 PXE servers, on Linux Debian Sarge and Etch, on which I 
>use syslinux + ISC dhcp3 + tftp-hpa for booting.
>The older one, on Sarge, has been working fine for more than a year, 
>great :-)
>The new one, on Etch, with the exact same config files, does not : the 
>DHCP part seems to work, but at the end pxelinux seems to lose the 
>server's IP address; this what I see on the console:
>PXELINUX 3.11 Debian-2005-12-18 Copyright (C) 1994-2005 H. Peter Anvin
>My IP address seems to be the 0AC021BB
>[... ]
>All the addresses are correct, including DHCP server, but for some 
>reason this one becomes at the end, and of course tftp fails.
>Software versions are the following:
>(work) dhcp3 3.0.1-2, syslinux 2.11-0.1, tftpd-hpa 0.40-4.1
>(fail)    dhcp3 3.0.4-6, syslinux 3.11-3,    tftpd-hpa 0.42-1

I have tried to downgrade one by one all three software, and succeded 
when downgrading dhcp.
So it looks like the problem is related to dhcp, and not to syslinux or 


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