[syslinux] question regarding memdisk, and menu/complex.c or simple.c

Murali Krishnan Ganapathy gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Fri Jul 28 12:02:45 PDT 2006

So, if you type in "memdisk initrd=98se.ima" on the boot prompt, it 
works and selecting "W98 Boot" from the menu doesn't work?

Try the latest version (beta versions included) to see if the problem is 
still there. Also is the menu system using a .COM file or a .C32 file?

Finally there is also a simple menu system, which reads your 
pxelinux.cfg directly. If you can give more information, specifically 
which combinations work/dont work, it would be useful.

- Murali

Andrew Stuart wrote:
> has anyone got memdisk to work directly? i mean such as:
>    add_item("W98 Boot","Windows 98 Boot",OPT_RUN, "memdisk 
> initrd=98se.ima",0);
> I have tried various methods, and I get the same results:
>    Loading memdisk....Ready.
>    MEMDISK 3.11 2005-09-02 Copyright 2001-2005 H. Peter Anvin
>    MEMDISK: No ramdisk image specified!
> I know I can setup (in my case) pxelinux.cfg/default with a label, and 
> call that. but that is not ideal.
> I rather not have to update two different files, nor do I want someone 
> to have the ability to change
> the label to point somewhere else..
> Thanks in Advance,
> -Andrew
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