[syslinux] Unknown keyword in config file

Fulko Hew fhew3 at cogeco.ca
Wed Mar 1 19:21:33 PST 2006

H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Fulko Hew wrote:
>> I'm trying to boot Fedora Core 5 Test 3 from either CD or DVD,
>> (which uses ISOLINUX), and I get the error messages:
>> Unknown keyword in config file
>> Could not find kernel image: linux
>> boot:
>> There are at least two other people in the world with the same
>> problem.  Unfortunately, all of the rest of the Fedora test
>> community doesn't seem to have a problem with it, so its not
>> a high profile issue with the Fedora development team.

... snip ...

> Most likely the common denominator is that your particular BIOS 
> misreads the isolinux.cfg file, getting garbage; thus it falls back to 
> the default configuration (which is equivalent to an isolinux.cfg 
> containing the single line "default linux".)
> The difference versus the older version of Fedora probably has more to 
> do with the new disc having things in slightly different locations on 
> the disc versus the older one. 

Presumably it'st ISOLINUX that is using the BIOS to find and read 'blocks'
off the media, or its it using the BIOS to read 'files' off the media?

If its reading 'blocks', then something has do do a CHS translation
for where the file is located.

If its reading the 'file', I guess the directory and file must be within
the CHS restriction too.

To validate this theory...
Is there anyway of finding out what ISOLINUX has read as the config file?

> Note that 3.11 is the current version, not 3.10. 

OK, but 3.10 is what Fedora has used in their current snapshot.

> The most helpful thing you could do is to find out if you and the 
> other users have anything in particular in common (motherboard, BIOS, 
> CD-ROM player, SCSI card if applicable, etc.) with your hardware. 

They are completely different systems, CD-ROMs, and BIOS.
But their BIOSs could have similar issues.

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