[syslinux] Samples files for comboot and default

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Mar 2 09:07:01 PST 2006

Nazo wrote:
> Actually, I can say that some drivers like to run compiled into the
> kernel, and it could be handy to select a kernel with the correct
> stuff built in.

That should be a rarity these days, and probably a bug.  More at issue 
is really kernel compilation options (optimizations as well as 32/64 
bits, and amount of memory.)  One particular issue here is UP vs SMP, 
which means being able to detect auxilliary processors; this can be done 
via MP table or ACPI.

> I'd say that it's probably technically possible to do hardware
> detection via a COM module, but, just not viable.  It would require a
> huge ultra-complex module that does things similar to the way a linux
> kernel detects hardware info, which I believe largely comes from
> loading up drivers to support one peice at a time until you can get
> the whole (eg you must support the MB chipset before trying to get any
> kind of direct connection to the video card I suppose.)

No, not since the bad old ISA days.  These days you can do enumeration 
much easier than you can do actual support, at least for the common 
on-system busses (USB/Firewire gets a bit more complicated, but they 
mostly have "class drivers" for anything important like storage.)


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