[syslinux] PATCH: Default intervention timeout...

Pat Suwalski pats at xandros.com
Thu Mar 2 11:41:14 PST 2006


One of the requirements for our distribution that came down from 
management (doesn't it always? :) is to have the boot menu on the CD 
completely optional, but very easy to activate.

I'm attaching a patch that does just that. By adding the following lines 
to the configuration file:

	MENU ACTIVATEMESSAGE Press any key for Advanced Menu...

The ACTIVATEMESSAGE text is shown for ACTIVATETIMEOUT time. If the user 
intervenes (hits any key), the menu is shown. If instead it times out, 
the default boot option is used.

The patch only shows the text if it is specified and defaults to no 
timeout, meaning it does not alter current behaviour.

I think many people might find this patch useful, it works very well and 
is quite minimal.

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