[syslinux] any magic bytes in pxelinux.0 that are useable by /usr/bin/file ?

Jim Cromie jim.cromie at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 14:44:38 PST 2006

[jimc at harpo boot]$ file pxelinux.*
pxelinux.0:      data
pxelinux.0-3.11: data
pxelinux.cfg:    directory

it would be nice if /usr/bin/file recognized pxelinux.0 as something else,
and was a bit more informative; more like these :

ldlinux.bin:        x86 boot sector, code offset 0x58
ldlinux_bin.c:      ASCII C program text
ldlinux.bss:        x86 boot sector, code offset 0x58
ldlinux.sys:        data

obviously a trivial issue, but if there are usable magic values,
I'll cobble up a patch to /usr/share/file/magic

aside: 3.20-pre6 works here, w menu.c32, fairly basic setup..

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