[syslinux] Booting BartPE 3110a

Ardill, Robert (DTEI) robert.ardill at saugov.sa.gov.au
Tue Mar 7 16:17:34 PST 2006


Original Thread on th topic with the most info.

If you want to boot multiple images, you either need to use the RIS boot
wizard or you can patch the startrom.com and ntldr to point to different

In short
1. In startrom.com, the last string that points to "ntldr" can be
changed to 1\ldr. Then move /rename 1\startrom.bs
2. In 1\ldr (ntldr renamed and moved to the "1" dir), look for the
string "winnt.sif" and replace every instance with 1\win.sif. 
3. Move/rename winnt.sif to 1\win.sif and modify the path to the ISO or
SDI so it points to the "1" subdirectory
4. Set pxelinux.0 to load the boot sector

For each extra PE RAM image, substitute the "1" with another number. Ie.
2\ldr,2\win.sif etc.

So you boot structure should look something like this.

       -WinPEImage.ISO or WinPEImage.SDI
       -WinPEImage.ISO or WinPEImage.SDI

Hope that helps.


>Can someone point me to instructions on booting BartPE with pxelinux.0
over the network.

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