[syslinux] Add_Item Help

ganapathy murali krishnan gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Fri Mar 10 15:08:23 PST 2006

Assuming you have got the arguments for add_item in the correct order 
and the correct number, you should try replacing "*memdisk/memdisk 
....IMg*" with "memdisk/memdisk....IMg", i.e. remove the * in your 
command to run. If you think the problem is somewhere else, let me know 
and we can see what the problem is.

BTW, did you write the C code yourself or use the enclosed python script 
(see latest syslinux pre-release) to generate the C code from a .MENU file?

- Murali

Daniel Jose Chavez Urdaneta wrote:

>Now I'm trying to implement the complex menu system, which I can't. I figure
>out how it works, but I don't now where I'm wrong. I think that the problem
>is in this sentence, in the Kernel parameter:
> add_item("<I>magenes","Option para la descarga de
>I can load the GUI and change/add items, but when I try to load an Image
>just like in the simple menu, I can't figure it out. How can I do to load
>this floppy Image?

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