[syslinux] unload memdisk+FreeDOS => local boot

Miguel mth at mth.com
Mon Mar 13 15:37:45 PST 2006

> I have successfully modified/enhanced memdisk so that one can chainload a
> local operating system after running diskless FreeDOS.

The attached 'chainmbr.patch' file can be applied to the 3.11 distribution
of syslinux to incorporate this functionality.

The patch incorporates changes to:

In addition, it includes a *new* file

Applying the patch will update the existing files and create the new file.
If you choose to incorporate this into a version control system then do
not forget to add chainmbr.asm to the repository.

Apply the patch in the syslinus-3.11/memdisk subdirector as follows:

[mth at arcoiris syslinux]$ ls -l
total 1248
-rw-rw-r--  1 mth mth   12628 Mar 13 18:18 chainmbr.patch
-rw-rw-r--  1 mth mth 1253470 Feb  9 12:03 syslinux-3.11.tar.bz2
[mth at arcoiris syslinux]$ tar xfj syslinux-3.11.tar.bz2
[mth at arcoiris syslinux]$ cd syslinux-3.11/memdisk/
[mth at arcoiris memdisk]$ patch <../../chainmbr.patch
patching file setup.c
patching file memdisk.asm
patching file Makefile
patching file memdisk.doc
patching file chainmbr.asm
[mth at arcoiris memdisk]$ cd ..
[mth at arcoiris syslinux-3.11]$ make

Note that the method of invocation in this version uses an unused int 13h
command (ah = 14h) to invoke the ChainMBR functionality. A more extensive
writeup is in the patched version of memdisk/memdisk.doc

Please contact me if you have any issues/questions/suggestions.

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