[syslinux] Re: mboot.c32, weird e820 map on HP blade machine, possible memory corruption

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Mar 15 13:19:07 PST 2006

Tim Deegan wrote:
>>Ok cool. I dont see the memset change in your link for the patch.
> Oops!  Forgot to push it to the right place; apologies.  Fixed.
> The rest of this bug is confusing me.  I'm pretty busy right now but
> I'll hopefully have some time next week to look at it properly.  Did you
> say the memory map is wrong only on the debug build or always?
>>From grub, the correct data is supposed to be:
>>0x0 - 0x9e
>>0x9f400 - 0xa0000
>>0xf0000 - 0x100000
>>0x100 - 0x1fff9
>>0x1fffa000 - 0x20000000
>>0xfec00000 - 0xfec10000
>>0xfee00000 - 0xfee10000
>>0xffc00000 - 0x100000000
> That's a pretty strange memory map.  What are the memory types for those
> ranges?  I've never worked with blades so maybe I'm missing something,
> but if there's no memory at 1MB, how does the com32 module work at all?
> If Linux boots on this machine, can you grab the BIOS-e820 lines from
> dmesg()? 

That's clearly completely bogus.  The above is, if anything, only the 
non-memory ranges, although 0-0x9e is broken no matter how you slice it.


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