[syslinux] RE: Strange MEMDISK problem with XP Bootfloppy images

Gordon J. Mills III Gordon.Mills at usa.net
Wed Mar 15 13:52:08 PST 2006

My apologies to the list. I forgot to mention that this is using PXELINUX. I
am using the pxelinux package from syslinux. My tftp server is atftpd.

Gordon Mills 

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> Subject: Strange MEMDISK problem with XP Bootfloppy images
> Hello all. I am pretty new to this list but I have looked 
> through the archives and did not see any reference to this problem. 
> I have an MS-DOS boot floppy image that I am trying to load 
> using MEMDISK. The disk is simply a boot floppy made using 
> XPSP2. I have tried it on 4 different machines, all Dells. 
> PowerEdge 2650 Server, Latitude D610 Notebook, Optiplex GX280 
> Desktop and Optiplex GX520 Desktop. The boot is successful on 
> the server and laptop but somewhat unsuccessful on the 
> Optiplexes. The optiplexes have SATA drives but I don't know 
> if that makes a difference.
> I say somewhat unsuccessful because through some 
> trial-and-error I have discovered that it will successfully 
> boot the image on the 4th try. It will try to boot and return:
> Loading boot sector... booting...
> Invalid system disk
> Replace the disk, and then press any key
> When I press the space bar to continue it goes back to the 
> beginning of the PXE boot (not a total reboot of the 
> machine). I try again and get the same. There is a bunch of 
> info on the screen and I can send a txt file of it if 
> necessary. It does note in the "count" variable which try it 
> is on. On the 4th try it is successful!
> Is this possibly a MEMDISK problem? Or is it something to do 
> with the PXE code on the card??? The network cards in the 
> optiplexes are Broadcom 57XX series. I believe it is the same 
> in the notebook. Not totally sure about the server but I 
> think it is also the same.
> Since I couldn't get that to work I tried other avenues. I 
> tried a FreeDOS bootdisk and it worked fine every time! It 
> even ran ghost which is what I wanted. Now I am just curious 
> as to why the XP/MSDOS boot disk would not work.
> Has anyone else experienced the above? Any suggestions?
> Regards,
> Gordon Mills

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