[syslinux] Strange MEMDISK problem with XP Bootfloppy images

Gordon J. Mills III Gordon.Mills at usa.net
Wed Mar 15 14:46:07 PST 2006

> From: H. Peter Anvin [mailto:hpa at zytor.com] 
> Gordon J. Mills III wrote:
> > 
> > Peter, attached is a txt file with as much of the boot screen 
> > information as I can provide. If there is something more that I can 
> > provide please let me know. If the file will not go through to the 
> > list I can just put the text in an email.
> > 
> It would appear that MEMDISK is installed over itself four 
> times, and that apparently the boot works with four MEMDISKs 
> installed, but not less...
> 	-hpa

Peter, any guess as to why that might happen? Is there any parameter I might
add to the arguments that may help? Currently I am using the 'raw' option. I
have tried 'bigraw' but it did not help.


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