[syslinux] Re: Install Red Hat AS 4 from iLO on a HP DL380?

Pat Suwalski pat at suwalski.net
Fri Mar 17 06:31:51 PST 2006

The solution is in a patch I wrote and submitted here two weeks ago that 
no one took notice of:


You could tell it to load a default image (like a graphical program) 
unless someone hits something in the specified timeout, in which case 
they get the regular menu.c32 with helpful text-only options.

It really works very well! I think this could really benefit upstream.


Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Herta Van den Eynde wrote:
>>H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>>>Note... I don't know if the Red Hat CD is set up to do serial console, but I
>>>know at least HP's iLO can do "virtual serial port."  That might also be an
>>No joy.  The virtual serial port is enabled in iLO, but it won't accept input
>>during installation.
>>As a workaround, I temporarily hooked the system up to a KVM switch, told it
>>to boot "linux text nofb", and then I can continue the installation from the
> Peter,
> I was wondering if it was an option to use the 'Shift/Alt/Caps Lock/Scroll 
> Lock' detection (as in the prompt/noescape directive) as an indication 
> that you are also not interested in having a graphical display.
> Especially when prompt is 1, this would allow to give another meaning to 
> the shift/alt/caps-lock/scroll-lock combination.
> An ambiguity would be there when prompt is 0 though.
> The only feedback possible (if the config-file is read-only that is) at 
> that point to give an indication that you don't want a graphical screen is 
> either via a BIOS capability (ie. screen does not support vga) or using a 
> keypress that is intercepted.
> And I doubt that HP or IBM would be interested to make an option in their 
> firmware to make the local (ie. virtual) screen a text-only one.
> Kind regards,
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