[syslinux] tftpd and broadcast

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Thu Mar 23 06:43:20 PST 2006

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On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 07:49:33AM +0100, Radek Vokál wrote:
> Why tftpd doesn't support request from clients trying to tftp to the 
> broadcast address? Will this feature ever appear in tftpd? Or is there 
> any workaround for serving broadcast requests?


Okay, I can't resist to ignore the "reasonable" question.

If I understand the "problem" correct, than has the original poster
TFTP clients that are shouting all over the Local Area Network
for a server to honour their demand. But the yelling (shouting)
is called "broadcast". And stupid^Wsimple clients will allways exists,
so it is up to the server the serve the screamers.

There are TFTP server that do answer "broadcasting" clients,
but that doesn't help tftpd-hpa (afterall we are on the tftpd-hpa ML ).

Early versions of DHCP programms were needing the IP-address (I don't remember which side (server or clientsss))

I suggest to setup the TFTP server with that broadcast address,
to find out if does help to serve the screaming TFTP clients.

Looking forward to hear something back
(thank you for listening to my rant :-)

Geert Stappers
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