[syslinux] Adding USB support to a given initrd in syslinux

Ian Brown ianbrn at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 00:26:14 PST 2006

	   I have a live-cd which has a syslinux on it and boots a linux
		 It works ok and boots the kernel ok from a CD drive.
		 Now,I need to add support for this live-cd so that
		 it will boot from an external USB cdrom drive.
		 My bios **DOES** support booting from USB; but when
		 I try to boot it hangs in the middle while looking for
		 usb-storage drivers.
		 I can gunzip the initrd I have , add modules or what else is needed ,
		 and gzip it again.
		 The thing is I don't know exactly what to add and
		 to where. What was a little strange to me is that when
		 I opened the initrd there was no "linuxrc" or "init"
		 script inside it (it contained /dev/,/etc, /modules,
		 /proc, /sbin, /selinux ,/sys, /tmp, and /var folders.
		 under the /modules,there were the following files:
		 module-info  modules.dep     modules.usbmap  pcitable
		 modules.cgz  modules.pcimap  pci.ids)
		 should I add to modules.cgz the usb-storage and other modules
		 (How can it be done) and it will load them automatically?

		 Any idea ?


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