[syslinux] Unknown keyword in config file

Joe Baker joebaker at dcresearch.com
Thu Mar 30 16:24:10 PST 2006

On Wed Mar 1 17:15:35 PST 2006 Fulko Hew fhew3 at cogeco.ca wrote:
> I'm trying to boot Fedora Core 5 Test 3 from either CD or DVD,
> (which uses ISOLINUX), and I get the error messages:
> Unknown keyword in config file
> Could not find kernel image: linux
> boot:
I also see:
Missing parameter in config file.
invalid compressed format (err=2)
When trying to launch Fedora Core 5.0 i386 from an IDE cdrom.

I've downloaded the ISO images from mirrors.voyager.net about a week
ago.  I should do an md5sum to check that I'm working with valid media.

I'm also running into this problem with a Micron client Pro.  A Pentium
II machine.  The problem exists with and without my Adaptec SCSI card.  
Also using the Fedora Core 5 final release for i386.
I have tried some of the earlier suggestions like:

/isolinux/vmlinuz initrd=/isolinux/initrd.img

This gets me a little further along, but then I receive a message

Uncompressing Linux...
invalid compressed format (err=2)

--System Halted

In both cases I didn't have any IDE hard drive in the system. 
I'm booting from an IDE CDROM
This box is notorious for not working well with IDE hard drives over 8
gigabytes in size.
I get around this by having a boot drive with less than 8 gigabytes and
making sure the BIOS doesn't try to detect the secondary IDE drive where
most of my filesytems live.  (I am talking about another machine of the
same make and model which does have IDE hard drives).   I have lots of
these machines - Micron ClientPro.  I get them for $25 each from a
computer recycler in town.

I just tried attaching a 4.3 Gigabyte IDE drive only and had the same

I'll google around a little bit more tonight to see if I can find a hack
to get this to work.

Thanks for SysLinux!   I've seen it's name many times when I've booted

Joe Baker
Burlington Wisconsin

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